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Standard Features

All our web design packages come with the following standard features, vital to a successful site of any kind.

Starter Package

If you are a typical small- to medium-sized business, all you need is our starter package for a simple web presence, where people can find out more about you and how to be reached.  A small  website can recreate basic existing literature about your company, pre-qualifying customers 24 hours a day by answering basic questions about your goods and services.

Advanced Package

If you need to showcase a number of different product or service lines, or need more detailed company information or consumer education, a "double-sized site", or our an advanced package will fit the bill.

Custom Development Packages

If your needs are complex, or simply more robust than what a simple site can do, such as having a complete corporate presence, we will develop a package with you to meet your exact needs.  This could be everything from regular event photo albums, public freemail, client-updatable calendars and other content, and interactive applications requiring programming.

Click here for information on managed solutions.

E-Commerce Packages

If you have one or a handful of items to sell, a simple one-page interactive order form on our secure (SSL, 128-bit encryption) KENCOMMERCE server will do the trick.

If your business handles (or will handle) a larger number of items and categories of items, we can set up a PDGSoft shopping cart system on your own site.





Advanced Graphic Interface (FLASH)

For an additional fee, usually equal to the initial package's development fee, we can make a Macromedia Flash version of the entire site.  Due to our high accessibility standards, we only offer this for sites that are built in standard HTML and do not build Flash sites by themselves.

Maintenance Fees

Our maintenance fees allow us to make any minor changes to your site at no extra cost throughout the year.  Quarterly site updates (anything short of a major overhaul) are also at no cost to you, so you can commit to keeping your site fresh and accurate in content and presentation with no worries.

Monthly update maintenance options are available at the package's maintenance fee X 3, with partial billing quarterly.  Weekly maintenance options are available at the package's maintenance fee X 10, with partial billing monthly.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our web design packages please contact us at All Western New York and we would be more than happy to provide you with all the details you need.